Interest List Now Open!

We have opened our Interest List for the upcoming ’23 AHA BLS Instructor Institute scheduled for March of 2023. Candidates are encouraged to join our Interest List to begin the process and get invited to attend this comprehensive training course. This list will remain open and therefore continue to process interested candidates until March 13, 2023 at 5:00PM

Methods of Learning

Traditional Method

The most popular method. Learning takes place entirely in a classroom setting, in-person, with a certified instructor.

Hybrid Method

Rising in popularity, Hybrid incorporates both the traditional method with virtual resulting in a blended learning experience.

Virtual Method

New to the scene, this method places all learning in a completely virtual environment.

Methods of Delivery


Training for everyone! This solution hosts in-house pre-scheduled training sessions on a monthly basis. Simply register online, attend your session, receive your certification!


The ideal solution for the busy client needing training on more flexible and customizable terms. Clients essentially craft their training experience following their schedule and needs


A one-stop solution for business owners and leaders needing on-site, full service, and private training sessions for your employees, contractors, members and affiliates.


A full service and completely customizable solution for business owners, group leaders and civic organizations that have regular and ongoing training needs.