Instructor Affiliate Program (IAP)

Respond1st LLC is home to one of the most comprehensive and progressive instructor credentialing and development services along the east coast called the Instructor Affiliate Program. As an Affiliate Instructor under Respond1st, you can be sure that you will be taken care of and given the tools needed not only to grow as an instructor but to also enrich your life both professionally and personally.

Affiliation and alignment with Respond1st LLC occurs through one of two pathways. Please review both paths and choose one that is most applicable to you. If you are just beginning your journey, we offer virtual information sessions to help you make an informed decision.

Entry Pathway 01

This pathway is a great one for those interested in getting started with their instructor journey. Individuals in this entry pathway start by preparing to and attending an instructor course which they must successfully complete. Once completed, the individual will participate in the orientation, monitoring, clearance, and lastly the validation process to become a certified instructor aligned with Respond1st.

Entry Pathway 02
Site-Center Transfer

The perfect pathway for the pre-certified instructor wishing to transfer their instructorship to Respond1st LLC. Instructor will complete and submit an application and once approved, the instructor will move to completing the orientation, monitoring, clearance and validation process to start their teaching journey under the oversight of Respond1st.

Countdown to the ’23 Spring BLS Instructor Institute

General Requirements For Prospective Instructors

Any person interested in becoming an Instructor or transferring instructorship must meet the following minimum requirements:
– Candidate must be 18 years of age or older
– Candidate must hold an unexpired provider card in the discipline they wish to earn instructorship in.

Requirements for Instructor Course/Institute

To express interest in our instructor courses or institutes, candidates must follow the following process
– Join an open interest list
– Attend a virtual Informational session w/ AHA Faculty member
– Complete and submit the AHA Instructor Candidate Application along with other required documentation
– Complete online prerequisite assignment(s)
– Purchase required instructor materials

Upon completion of all required steps, candidate will receive an email invitation to register for and attend the desired course/institute.

Requirements for Instructor Transfer

Pre-certified instructors can transfer alignment and affiliate with Respond1st LLC through the following process:
– Submit a Information Inquiry through our website
– Attend a virtual Informational session w/ AHA Faculty member
– Complete and submit the AHA Instructor Records Transfer Request along with other required documentation (To compile an instructor training file)
– Submit proof of completion of online prerequisite assignment(s)
– Submit proof of Purchase of required instructor materials
Once the candidate has completed the previous steps and been approved for transfer, the candidate must further complete the following:

– Register for and attend the Respond1st New Instructor Orientation
– Complete our Monitoring, Clearance, and validation process

Where can I find the documents mentioned in the requirements?

Your Training Center Faculty member will supply these forms directly to candidates through email once a candidate has expressed interest AND met the minimum general requirements. Forms are specific to Respond1st LLC so we require use of our own prepared forms and may not be able to accept similar forms provided by other Training Site(s)/Center(s) or training organizations.

Interest List is open!

Document Suggestions

For faster processing and qualifying, please consider submitting the suggested documents.

  • Copy of Unexpired Provider Certification Card
  • Copy of Valid Government Issued Photo Identification
  • Most Current Resume OR Letter of Intent
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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.